I’m an American Art Director and Designer with a lot of experience in Marketing and Branding. I’ve been living and working in Norway for the past 10 years.
I’ve worked for Bārd Eker the industrial designer for many years, marketing, branding and advertising for his Hydrolift Boat company, Koenigsegg super car and his industrial design firm.
More recently I’ve been responsible for the Maketing Advertising and Branding at Prediktor AS, an Industrial IT software company in Fredrikstad Norway.
I also do a lot of freelance work on the side, Logo design, Branding and Consulting work.

Seen it all?

When I started my journey in design a long time ago I was a traditional artist painting, drawing, sculpture and technical illustration. I moved into graphic design because I needed earn a living. Back then I cut and pasted waxed sheets of text on art boards with tissue paper overlaid instructions for the film stripper. I retouched photos with a real airbrush. You needed to know a lot about printing and color separations. A lot has changed since then. I’ve seen the technology change and the design trends come and go, including the ones defined by the technology. With the rise of the computer, design adapted to the limitation and then the freedoms that came from the new tools. New programs allowed designers to create their own fonts or modify existing ones. There was an explosion of choice and a erosion of quality. It seems that with every new technology or tool comes a new design trend. Rounded corners, drop shadows, glossy buttons, Dave Carson, grunge, hard to read, skuemorphic design, flat design, infographics, reto 50s, 60s, 70s. I’ve learned a lot about design, marketing and branding along the way. But the important things have never changed, communication, expression, emotion and feeling.

Design is about the context in which a message is delivered and is very much a part of that message.
Marketing is about targeted well defined communication in the right place, time and medium.
Branding is about connecting peoples feelings and perceptions to a business, services or product.