Orion Mars Living Quarters


Complete Asset Design, Modelling, Texturing and Lighting


Nexis Design


Orion Mars Living Quarters Asset Pack selling in UE4 Marketplace

The second release of the Orion Mars Outpost series selling in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. All of the work here is done entirely by me. All modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Composition and Animation. This asset pack includes 250 original Meshes and 279  original Materials and Material instances. Using Blender to model it and Quixel Suite to texture it. This asset Features many program features. In UE4 these are called Blueprints which represent C++ programming language.

These included a configurable elevator for floors and height, window security doors, kitchens with opening Refrigerator, Freezer and drawers and Bedrooms with opening closet and drawers. Many of the Floors, Ceilings, Control Panels and large building details have different Materials that can be swapped for different looks. Tiered material instances, allow for colors to be changed all at once or lower in the tier just the walls or floors. PBR materials with sliders for edge wear and grunge.